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Chenoa Clark



Born and raised in the Northern Highlands of Alabama (Sand Mountain), Chenoa turned to music as both entertainment and distraction.  Being a natural skeptic, with an inate ability for sarcasm, depression, and dark humor, it was only natural that she gravitated toward Gaelic music. She is married with two (and possibly more) children.

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Andy Kruspe

bodhrán, melodica, vocals


Although he may not sound like it, Andy is a Southerner- born and raised in coastal North Carolina. By trade, he is a music teacher. His primary instrument is the Irish bodhrán- the drum that everyone wants to play, but no one wants to hear. He is happily married and (even more happily) has no kids.

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Mike Clem

guitar, whistle, vocals


Mike is a native of Cullman, Alabama, and a veteran of many different bands of varying and sundry varieties and styles. He has played with several different Celtic bands in the North Alabama area, and packs an extensive arsenal of instruments and quips to most shows.

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Jim Holland

fiddle, banjo, mandolin, vocals


Jim is the most recent addition to the madness that is BMH. Coming from a deep family tradition of folk music in Alabama, Jim is probably the most legit player of all of the band members.

Garrett Smith

fiddle, mandolin, vocals emeritus


Garrett has been playing Celtic fiddle ever since he was rescued from the classical music scene, where he found a depressing lack of Guinness available during rehearsals. He finds Celtic music much more relaxed, and more fun.

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