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Mike Clem, Andy Kruspe, and Garrett Smith have been playing Celtic music together in one form or another since 2010. During this time, they kept a running tab of cool band names and even better album names. When it came time to form a trio, "Black Market Haggis" became the clear choice for a band name. So they did what every new band should do when starting out- they searched their band name on the internet to see if it had already been taken. Predictably, no band has ever used that moniker. However, they did find that there is a demand for such a product since the USDA will not allow real haggis in the United States.


Then in the fall of 2015, the band lucked out. The band had been looking for  vocalist, and Chenoa Clark's schedule was finally able to accommodate our musical shenanigans. She joined the band, and the boys have had to watch their language ever since.

And as bands sometimes do, lineups change. Garrett ran away with the circus and the band was left without a fiddle player. Then Jim Holland showed up... smiling, subtly sarcastic, and killer with a fiddle, banjo, and mandolin. It was love a first insult.


We should also note that we got a cool shout out from "The Celtfather," Marc Gunn...

we made his list of the Best Celtic Folk Music of 2014!


Please feel free to peruse the site- see what we look like, what we sound like, where we'll be playing next, and how to get one of our awesome t-shirts.


Thanks for visiting!

Artwork Credit:

Triptych- Jeremy Jones

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